"Putting Feet to Your Faith" Seminar Testimonials

"I was one of the folks at your seminar held at Church on the Summit in Cleveland, Ohio back about a month or so ago. I just wanted to let you know how good it was to hear of practical ways to "uncork" the vessels and start pouring forth what GOD has to say to HIS people in HIS marketplace. It really points to how each situation is different and that you can't always approach people with a formula on how to meet God - most people smell that a mile away and run... I was one of those people a few years ago...

I understand that some people have started hearing about Prophetic Evangelism only recently. I even met a lady at a seminar before your talk at our church - she was just in discussion about Prophetic Evangelism at her church & she was wondering about the effectiveness of it - I explained to her that I was living proof that it works and it is solid. I also told her that also requires the quiet ones in order to get even the most thick-skinned strays into the Kingdom. God used a very meek, quiet friend of mine to get me into a prophetic setting where I got saved (He knew that I would not have listened to any one of my other friends). It was great confirmation to hear you speak on the same thing.

Please keep up the good work - teaching those of us that it's okay to go up to complete strangers with the Love of God on the end of a fishing line and the Holy Spirit winding the reel.

Please keep up the music too - I'll need more music to replace what's been ringing through my head for the last couple of months."
~ Laura - Cleveland, Ohio

"Putting Feet To Your Faith- The Wild Card Of Evangelism. Over recent years ministers have proposed almost every type of evangelism: power, servant, healing, friendship, community etc... Vincent is one of the few helping God's people listen to The Spirit! Bringing The Father's Love to each of His lost in a personal way. This is not a fad. It is the way Jesus ministered to the lost sheep of Israel! Prophecy that works the greatest of all miracles! SALVATION!"
~ Perry Comas, Pastor - Christ The Rock International