I started teaching Prophetic Evangelism first as a pastor friend wanted me to speak to his men. I figured I was speaking to Christians so I'd teach a message on how to hear from God to win the lost. Then a few months later after teaching Prophetic Evangelism at another church the pastor asked me to teach more on the prophetic. After he walked out of the room I asked the Lord what did He want to do that night. He immediately said "Teach MY people how to hear MY voice / they're not listening to ME"! As He gave me "Learning to hear the voice of God" I realized I was putting the cart before the horse. So, now I'm teaching, "Learning to hear the voice of God" 1st then "Spirit Led Evangelism" or Prophetic Evangelism followed by a 3rd day called "Mixing it Up". Mixing it up is actual marketplace evangelism. Not just giving the church head knowledge but taking them out and teaching them to catch people.

I believe we're not utilizing all of our forces. Leadership always looks for the bold ones to raise up and send. The shy folks are thought of as faithful churchgoers / but will never function evangelically. The way God has instructed me is effectively getting shy people to successfully start sharing their faith.

If you have questions, call Pastor Perry Comas and ask how this seminar benefited the church in Boca Raton, FL. (church: 561-477-7625 / cell: 306-7625)

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